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Is the world’s second largest economy by no-
minal GDP and by purchasing power parity
after the United States. [1] It is the world’s fa-
stest-growing major economy, with growth
rates averaging 10% over the past 30 years.
China is also the largest exporter and second
largest importer of goods in the world. CHINA
is the biggest country in terms of population.
Therefore, worldwide investors select CHINA
as their major market.

Pattern marking,
We use CAD
technologists for pattern.
Design your clothing line
first. Make a list of fabrics
and fashion styles that
you find interesting.
Decide which season
you’ll be designing clothes
for. Think about colors that
will go well together.

Material cost is the major cost component
of a garment manufacturing costs. A corr
ect cost calculation method will give you
better projection of garment cost for a
style. Raw materials required for making a
garment is sourced from suppliers. Main
materials are like fabric, labels, sewing
thread, hang tags, trims etc. So to have
correct material cost you must have price
knowledge of each item.


MAINLY, we export material to support
our factory in Bangladesh because China
is biggest of material source in the world


CHINA is a textile

and we also export material to other company
because we have many supplier in our list China had
a vast territory, therefore, abundant raw material for
industry are grown with large quantity. For examples,
the cotton, yearly we get over 10 million tons of raw
cotton from Shangdong, Sichuan, and Hebei province.
Then cheap price could offer to us.

distribution center of the very largest scale and offers the greatest variety of textile products in China. In addition, it is the largest textile professional market in Asia, and the biggest trade center worldwide.

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